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Why spend thousands of dollars when you can use ACTS246 for $39.99/month?


  • 1 Location Up to 50 People
  • Unlimited Networks
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Up to 50 People


At Acts246, we believe church management tools should be easy to use, and flexible enough to fit a church of any size. There's no steep learning curve or difficult setup process, so you can dive in quickly and start taking advantage of our feature-rich platform immediately.

Feature 1

Member Attendance

Keep track of your members’ church service and small group attendance. Check in attendees from any device.

Feature 2

Visitor Tracking

Nurture the relationship between your church and community. See which visitors might need to be prompted into regular attendance.

Feature 3

Small Group Management

Streamline your small groups. Create events using the built-in calendar, take notes, and keep members updated directly through the app.

Feature 4

Manage Financials

Track tithes and donations, run detailed reports, and manage expenses. Accept givings directly through the app and easily transfer the funds to your bank.

Feature 5

Church Growth Statistics

Gain insight to your community and grow your congregation whether you operate a single church or many locations around the world.

Feature 8

Multi-Location Support

Take comfort in knowing that operations are running smoothly, even if you can’t visit every day. Check in with your pastors and supervise any number of locations.

Feature 7

Different Access Levels

Access levels allow groups of users to see only what their role has been permitted. Protect private information and empower your church leadership.

Feature 6

We Will Help You Move In

We will help you transfer your data at no extra cost. Whether you are using another management system or if you are using spreadsheets, just contact us and we will get you up and running fast.

"They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity"

Acts 2:46

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