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Why create another Church management software?

If you were wondering why someone would decide to write another Church Management Software given that we have so many options available out there. I asked myself that very question when my pastor asked me to help them find a solution for our church needs. At the time we were almost 700 people in our church, but being that we were a 2-year-old church we did not have the resources that other churches of the same size might have.

So I started my adventure of finding a Church Management Software for our church. I was shocked to find that almost all of them charged by a number of members and as the church would grow, so would the expenses and fees. The resources needed, and the lack of easy to use. Being a developer myself, I was surprised to find many products that were overly complicated to use, that I would get lost trying to figure out. After almost one year trying all the big and small names out there, none of them would work for us and when they would they would cost thousands of dollars per month. As a young church, we could not afford that.

So we decided to start using spreadsheets to manage our small groups attendance. It was very hard and frustrating experience to get all the leaders to fill out all the necessary information. One year later I decided to write a custom solution for our church needs, it started with the single purpose of fixing our small groups attendance issue, it was a success, we were able to get all of our 20+ leaders to keep our information up to date on a daily basis, soon our pastors needed some reports and some extra features, and months later we had our local church under control. All information centralized in a single location available to everyone of the leaders, anytime they needed.

I was still working at my job at a fortune 500 company as a developer when we decided to expand and implement our software to all of our 20 church locations in the US. And one by one, we started adding their members, new features requests were coming in (and they still are), so we decided that it was time for me to focus 100% on this project. We did a quick research to see if we had any other churches with the same problems, and we learned that are thousands of them our there that could not afford the solutions that are available, or they do not have the necessary resources to implement them into their reality.

After lots of prayers and development hours, we believe we have a product that will help your church get organized and grow. For starters, we decided to be different by giving a FREE account to small churches that have up to 50 people. Our other plan is only $39.99/month unlimited everything, yes that is correct, we have no member restrictions and we will never have one. Our member restriction policy is like our faith on the Lord, it will NEVER change. We will never charge churches by the number of members you have.

We know it's not perfect, so we count on you to help us build a better solution, not another expensive and complicated tool. We use our software on a daily basis, as are small group leaders in our local church, you can be sure that I will be the most detail oriented user out there.

Join us on this adventure to get your church organized.

God bless you.

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